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How Vaping Saved 18,000 Lives & Tips to Help Even More Smokers!

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While this is may not be new news for fellow ex-smoking vapers and vape advocates, it is always a great day for vaping when published medical studies officially prove what we vapers have known for a very long time. One of these studies Public Health England (PHE), a government agency, published in the British Medical Journal estimates that 18,000 people in England became “long-term ex-smokers” in 2015 by throwing out the "analog cigarettes" and picking up vaping. The report also confirmed that there is no evidence of “secondhand” harm to bystanders from exposure to e-cigarette vapor and health risks are likely to be extremely low.

Using e-cigarettes / vaping gives smokers one of the greatest chances of successfully stopping the addiction to smoking and staying stopped for life. John Britton, director of the U.K. Center for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies at the University of Nottingham stated “This is the first genuinely new way of helping people quit smoking that has come along in decades,” E-cigarettes, he said, “have the potential to help half or more of all smokers get off cigarettes. That’s a huge health benefit, bigger than just about any medical intervention.”

One of the PHE researchers, Professor Robert West, of UCL’s Health Behaviour Research Centre, analyzed data going back to 2009 in England, and concluded that use of an e-cigarette during an attempt to quit tobacco was associated with a 50 percent increase in the chances of success. Robert said: "England is sometimes singled out as being too positive in its attitude to e-cigarettes. This study shows that our relatively liberal regulation of vaping looks to be justified.”

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The PHE report warns that misinformation and propaganda about e-cigarettes, including sensational press coverfage of weak or overinterpreted studies, is warping public perceptions of the risks posed by vaping, possibly deterring smokers from making a switch that could save their lives.

Vaping plays a very large role in helping people quit and the evidence shows e-cigarettes are much safer than tobacco. This unbiased study shows the positive impact they've had on helping people give up the deadly addiction, and asserts that e-cigarettes are only 5 percent as harmful as traditional smoking with the potential to prevent almost all the harm caused by combustible tobacco. According to the World Health Organization nearly 6 million people around the globe die each year from smoking, which is about one person dying every six seconds! In the United States more than 480,000 people a year die from smoking-related illnesses, with a predicted worldwide death toll of 1 billion within the 21st century.

The Royal College of Physicians, a respected doctors’ group of 32,000 physicians that helps set medical standards in Britain stated in a report that;

“The emergence of e-cigarettes has generated a massive opportunity for a consumer as well as a health care-led revolution in the way that nicotine is used in society,” the report said. As the technology of e-cigarettes improves, “so the vision of a society that is free from tobacco smoking, and the harm that smoking causes, becomes more realistic.”

Are you or someone you love looking into vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes or using smokeless tobacco products?  Here are a couple of simple tips from our personal experiences to help succeed making the switch:

  • Purchasing a vape setup is one area where quality really makes a world of difference. Avoid the disposable and very low end "smoke shop" style e-cigarettes. You do not necessarily need to buy a couple hundred-dollar human fog machine to successfully make the switch, but the low end devices are old technology. Just like smartphones and tablets, the vaping world has made some huge advances in the last couple of years. Buying an outdated cheap economy e-cig is kind of like buying an old laptop running Windows 95 to help you succeed in your next semester of college. The newer "sub ohm" vape tech gives an amazingly better vaping experience with flavor and performance allowing a much lower level of nicotine needed to succeed. Purchasing a newer regulated digital device protects the user from safety issues that plagued some of the older style e-cigarette pens. Ex-Smokers who transition from smoking to vaping have the best chance of success when they keep high standards of quality and safety with the vape products used.

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  • Find a premium quality e-liquid in the right nicotine strength! Higher nicotine content can add an almost peppery style throat hit to each inhale, along with flavors that have high citrus or PG (propylene glycol). Since taste is a very subjective sense that can vary greatly from person to person we highly recommend you expand your horizon by trying several different e-juice flavors. A good goal is to find an "all day vape" flavor you enjoy and don't grow tired of in a short period of time. Rotating a couple of different flavors can help a lot, especially at the beginning of making the switch so you have a variety to choose from. When you start to tire of one flavor profile you can switch to another. A majority of vapers have great success getting one fruit style e-juice and one savory pastry/cookie or pipe tobacco e-juice flavor so they can switch it up. 

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  • Get involved in the vape community! We are lucky to have a special camaraderie that exists. The support and help in this community is a true life saver for people coming off of cigarettes - a real support network of men and woman who have been exactly where new vapers are and are more than happy to offer vape encouragement and help! Don't be afraid to ask LOTS of questions! This community is wide and has people from all walks of life and styles of vaping.

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Those are just a few quick tips – There are so many amazing sources of information online, and in your local vape shop, stop by one today and say Hi!  What are your best tips on transitioning off of cigarettes onto dat vape lyfe? Post them in the comments below!

Special thanks to all the sources listed in article backlinks, including information from The Royal College of Physicians, World Health Organization, and Public Health England

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