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Vape Volunteers Heed The Call - We don’t work here.. We can help you.

Posted by Northwest Vape Family on

We don’t work here.. We can help you.

The folks over at Cloud Comps NW have heard the call of the frustrated vape shop employees & customers affected by the  August 8th, 2016 FDA regulations that make it very difficult for shop staff to fully help the community. These changes include new enforced regulations where employees can only offer very limited advice on using vape products to successfully quit smoking or show customers how to properly handle and maintain vape hardware including devices, atomizers, coils, & e-liquids.

 CCNW created the “Volunteer Shirt” to allow advocates to volunteer their time and skills to fill in the gap. Vape Volunteers wear these shirts to alert shop patrons that they are more than happy to help, along with bringing awareness to this very troubling issue created by the disastrous FDA Regulations. 

What is happening in vape shops volunteers are stepping up to help with you ask? Well, we borrowed a little information from our friends at  august8th.org to explain. Interested in being a vape shop volunteer? If so, please  follow this link and get your “Volunteer Shirt” today!

Traditionally, vape shop employees have educated new customers about proper care and usage of a device by physically assisting the customer with setting up their device or actively troubleshooting problems. This includes tasks like connecting a tank to a battery, screwing in a coil, filling a tank with e-liquid, etc. Some vape shops also offer to rebuild coils across a variety of devices to the individual specification of the user.

In the FDA’s view, these acts can no longer be performed by retailers — with very limited possible exceptions — because they constitute “ manufacturing.” Retailers can continue to educate consumers on how to use the products, but it appears that employees cannot physically manipulate any product that is being sold. – Excerpt taken from august8th.org

CCNW Vape Shop Volunteers

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