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Northwest Vape chat's with Stache!

Posted by Northwest Vape Family on

Heads up vape fam! We are excited to officially let you know we have added another amazing PNW Juice Partner to the  Northwest Vape Family of amazing brands we can proudly stand behind! Stache Sauce has been a staple in the Northwest vape community for years, so it was a no brainer to jump at the opportunity to work with them.  As of today 9/7/2016 you can grab the line that started it all for Stache, their original Savor Your Flavor line, which is now live on our site! 

Stache Sauce Savor Your Flavor E-Juice at NorthwestVape.com

Expect the newest flavors including the Stache Ride line & Classic '72 available for sale on Northwest Vape within the next 24 - 48 hours! To celebrate we sat down with Stache's President Chris Hendrix for a quick chat:

Northwestvape.com - What inspired Stache Vape in the beginning?

Chris Hendrix – In 2012, We first opened vapor café in Tacoma, Washington. There were not a lot of liquid manufactures at the time. My wife, Andrea pushed the initial burst into the vapor community and continues to be the “ghost in the machine” as she is the key component in our business.

Northwestvape.com – So Andrea is the “Unicorn of Stache”?

Chris – Yes, she is our “Unicorn” (Bursts in fond laughter)

Northwestvape.com - What drives the Stache team to the next level?

Chris - We make a great product and we’ve been learning to refine since 2012... We have encountered bumps in the road but those only made our team and our brand stronger... We want every consumer to enjoy our product because we believe in our product.

Northwestvape.com - What is YOUR favorite Stache Vape flavor?

ChrisFlavor Saver!.. I used to steal from my own shelves until the staff gave me a ketchup bottle full of it so I wouldn’t steal from our stock, haha! .. I now swing between our newest flavor, Classic 72 and Flavor Savor.

Northwestvape.com – What lies ahead for Stache Vape in the future?

Chris - Lets just say that we are not done yet. Strap on your seatbelts.

Northwestvape.com – What advocacy groups do you guys support?

Chris – Our team proudly supports the Pink Lung BrigadeNotBlowingSmoke.org and the American Vaping Association.

Northwestvape.com – What would you like to communicate to the community?

Chris - Be smart, be respectful and understand that a lot of education still needs to set forth. Trust in the leadership we’ve chosen so we can continue our fight moving forward. 

Stache '72 Stache Vape's Newest Flavor @ NorthwestVape.com Coming Soon!

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