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Searching to Break the Cycle

Posted by Northwest Vape Family on

Addiction often arrives at the party wearing many different masks, morphing into different shapes and developing personalities of its own. Harm reduction and awareness are key to truly breaking the cycle of addiction.  People who are successfully fighting addictions to gambling, cigarettes and substance abuse often find inspiration leading them along their charge. That is where we found Mr. Josh Lamb and his vision of Break the Cycle Clothing.. Well, actually, the story goes a little different but we’re painting a nice story here.. Don’t interrupt again, lol!

Break the Cycle Clothing owner Josh Lamb & Artist Liquids @ Northwest Vape!

Changing old behavior and making better life choices are two key factors shared in both the vape and recovery communities, no wonder why they are intertwined and go hand in hand so well. Break the Cycle embodies characteristics similar to our friends at Artist Liquids and CCNW by being fearless and bold. Style and confidence are two things that these three companies all display, be it in their eliquidscommunity events, and clothing brands. The stars aligned one lucky night "eventing" at a Pink Lung Brigade fundraising event at Obsidian Vapor in Tacoma and these entities said “Ok, let’s do this!”.

Break The Cycle Clothing Finger Tee

As the creative energies continue to flow, we are excited to let everyone know that the first BLT Clothing product arrivals have surfaced in the shape of “The Finger Tee”, "Addict Lives Matter", and the new "Hug Dealer" designs, proudly offered on Northwest Vape. With so much more in the works from BTL Clothing be sure to stay tuned to Northwestvape.com as new apparel become available!

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