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Why "Eventing" is Important in the Vape Community!

Posted by NorthwestVape Distro on

Look around you, bear witness to the mighty tool we have in “eventing”... Yea, we just made that word up and It’ll cost you in royalties If you so choose to use it, lol 

All great movements have strong foundations that are social by nature. People are terribly amazing social creatures so you can (maybe) see why “eventing” is a fantastic tool to help any movement grow against entities of tyranny like the FDA. We have the tall task in fighting off local government agencies, state governments agencies, and federal governments, the vapor community has been shown to be one of resilience. Many rules have been placed on us and some have changed the way we go about “eventing” within our community. While we will not go into detail on those changes today, we will talk about the importance of “eventing” to us and hopefully you. 

“Eventing” is where we can get together (most of the time for free) and get registered to vote, organize as a group, and raise money for great organizations like Pink Lung BrigadeNotBlowingSmoke.org and American Vaping Association. “Eventing” is where we can all get together and make new friends and share experiences with vaping. What our experience has been is that those friends often times evolve into family. Which brings us to our main point today: “Eventing creates family”. On behalf of everyone at NorthwestVape.com, keep “eventing” America and let’s take advantage of the greatest tool we have in fighting against unjust FDA regulations, big tobacco propaganda, and overall vape ignorance.

Pink Lung Brigade & Northwest VapeNot Blowing Smoke Org  & Northwest VapeAmerican Vaping Association & Northwest Vape

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