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Whispers of sweet insanity with DJ FALLEN

Posted by Northwest Vape Family on

A year ago, around the same time as it is now, DJ FALLEN arrived onto the vapor scene with a blast. DJ FALLEN performed the entire first year of the now famed “Paint It Pink Tour” for the Pink Lung Brigade and his marriage into the scene was sealed. What is the musical styling of FALLEN you ask? Well, we could only define it as “Whispers of sweet insanity”. You cannot class this man because he refuses to settle in and be comfortable. Constantly pushing the envelope to new genres, styles has been the M.O. of DJ FALLEN from the jump and that hasn’t slowed since his arrival.

The style of DJ FALLEN is so unique that he gained the attention of our good friends Artist Liquids. The guys at Artist partner with other artists from different walks of life to create opportunity. Artist Liquids works with Musicians to cross promote Music & Vaping. This opportunity came in the form of DJ FALLEN being the official artist sponsor of “Milk Red Label”. A flavor developed by Artist Liquids that is a “Neapolitan Shortbread milkshake with a small little cherry on top”. The flavor and DJ FALLEN are nothing short of unique, strange and fantastic all in one.

Artist Liquids sits down for a video interview with DJ FALLEN and talks about the meaning behind the title of his upcoming project “43”. As FALLEN pulls his influences from the likes of Prodigy, Mushroomhead and AUCAM we at Northwest Vape .COM fully anticipate the release to be strangely amazing. You can check out DJ FALLEN and his music on Soundcloud, at www.fallensound.com or at facebook.com/fallensound. Additionally, you can find the collaborative effort between FALLEN and Artist Liquids at http://northwestvape.com/milk-red-label/.

Begin to look for DJ FALLEN’s new album “ 43” to drop in early December of 2016. We look forward to hearing his “whispers of sweet insanity” on this project and the many more to come in the future. You can also catch FALLEN in Kennewick,Wa on October 1st at Dr. GoodVape as CCNW will be “eventing” as they always do.

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